Training in NLP, and with NLP (Neuro Linguistics Programming) is experiential. This means, that NLP Training involves lots of exercises.

n these exercises, the participants learn, how to use the tools of NLP to make changes at their unconscious level.

That’s it!

Exercises that involve “work” on body, mind, and heart.

Not just the mind!

Because everything is connected.

Body, mind, and heart are one system.

But ......

Nowadays, most NLP Training only involves the change work at the level of the mind.

The mind is seen as the most critical driver for change.

Yes, it is true.

Lots of changes happen at the level of the mind first.

But wouldn't you agree that lots of our experiences are stored in the body as well?

So, when you don’t involve the body in your change work, chances are, that more time is required to make lasting changes.

The work with the body was once part of NLP.

But somehow, it dropped to the back burner in the 1980s.

Not so with us.

In our NLP Training, participants actively move their bodies, and use their minds, together, to create changes, that last.

It is part of our NLP Training - it is the 4th Generation Of NLP.

NLP Redesigned, as pointed out by one of my friends (you know who you are, haha!)

In this picture, you see two participants in a coaching exercise.

This exercise includes moving the body, and getting deep inside of the participant, to make the changes that you desire.

Using mind and body!

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