(and 5 Ways To Crush Them Easily). Beliefs..... how to identify them in a conversation.... It is so easy (if you know what to listen out for).

The little words that give them away.

👉 I can do it VERSUS I can't do it
👉 Because
👉 That means

When you hear these words, listen carefully to what comes next.

It will be a strong give-away about the person's inner beliefs.

👉 I can't present ---- do you know anyone who can? If yes, there must be a belief lingering somewhere

👉 I can't be wealthy because I didn't study and that means that ....
(fill in the blanks).

🔥🔥 Do you know where I am going with it? 🔥🔥

There is so much more hanging around beliefs but this is a starting point.

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