The 95% Benchmark

Do you run your life at lower performance levels than you could? Do you know that how you perform in one context is how you do in another?

I am running, outside of my condo.

Pushing my limits.

I like the slopes, running up the little hills. Pushing myself to the max.

When I run, I take a benchmark.

Telling myself to take a break when I reach the bright yellow house.

Or the black car parked at the side.

It is always beyond what is comfortable.

My lungs are hurting, my heart is beating.

Sweat is rolling down into my eyes, and my breath, well, I am out of breath, to the max.

And I realise something.

My mind likes to tell me that it is ok to stop.

5 meters before the yellow house.

Or the black car.

Telling me, it is enough, I have proven my point.

But really?

It is like reaching 95% of my goals.

It is not beating my limits.

The question is …. Do I want to give up, at 95% before the goal?

No, of course not.

I am training my mind to go beyond what is possible.

Because when I stop earlier, I am training my mind, that it is okay to stop before I reach my goal.

Do you get my point?

Because, what I do in one context, I might just do in another context as well.

And so do you ..... how are you setting your benchmarks? Your limits?

Is good enough..... good enough?

Because actually, we all could do so much better!

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