The Language and Behaviour Profile - Words That Change Minds

When I initially learned the LAB Profile in 2007, it changed my life. In fact, I understand why I created problems in my relationship.

I learned the Language and Behaviour Profile "Words That Change Minds" in Italy...... with my favourite teacher Shelle Rose Charvet. 

And called my wife Najwa, in the evening, and during the training, to thank her, for still being married to me.

True story!

Because this is reality. When you focus on one thing ..... e.g.; problems, and your partner focuses on something else ..... e.g; solutions, it can cause miscommunication, challenges, and arguments. Fights, in fact. 

And it is not just the words. The words are an extension of what we are focusing on. An outcome of our mindset. How we perceive events around us.

And yes, some asked me ...... We all are different in different contexts. This is the beauty of being human..... our flexibility.

Najwa and I have different approaches to certain situations. And, not understanding that we focused differently, caused some problems. 

The LAB Profile helped me to understand myself better, and, in turn, my wife. I shared the patterns with her, and we learned about each other. We learned how to communicate at a different levels so we understood what we each focus on, in different situations.

This was so helpful. It was not that our marriage was threatened, not at all. But it helped us to elevate it to a very different level, altogether.

So, enjoy the video - yes, I was skinnier, and the video is not of the highest quality, but still, it gives you a lot of background information.

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