Whatever you tried before in changing your life doesn’t work. And here is why.... watch the video to unveil the psychology of change

We all want to make changes to our life. Everyone dreams of becoming a superstar, in leadership, sales, parenting, or any other area.

It might work for a day, a week, or a month, before we give up and go back to our old selves, to our old behaviour.

We wonder, what happened?

It doesn’t work, and allow me to share with you, why this is so.

We all look in the wrong direction. We take the wrong approach.

Many times, when we change, we try to replace a negative habit with something more positive.

❌ From procrastination to being active and motivated, maybe creating a to-do list.

❌ From smoking to living a healthier life.

❌ From being overweight to exercising and eating more nutritious food.

Happened to you? Didn’t work? Of course not!

Or, in the different world of ❌ leadership…… how many want to become a leader?

They take some leadership courses, or change to the corner office, hoping, that this would make them a leader.

It’s not enough and you wonder, why you didn’t become the leader you so often dreamed about?

Let me give you one more example ….. did you ever feel that you are not made to be a ❌ salesperson?

Silently thought to yourself, that sales is dirty, and you deserve a better career?

Maybe you would need to have a different look at how you approach change.

This video linked to this post might give you the answer to your most pressing questions about behavioural change.

It was developed by Robert Dilts, one of the main developers Robert Dilts in the world of #nlp .

The model is called Neurological Levels of Alignment. It is partially based on the work and thinking of Gregory Bateson and Albert Einstein.

Dilts developed an understanding of neurological levels at play when change is underway. This framework provides an understanding of how human behaviours could be changed by using the six different levels.

✅ Environment
✅ Behaviour
✅ Capabilities
✅ Knowledge and Skills
✅ Belief and Values
✅ Identity

In essence, if you want to change, you might have to make the change at the level that precedes the level where the challenge occurs.

I am explaining more in the video.

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