Predict someone’s behaviour by listening to the words that they say, in a certain context. Influence the person by addressing their most inner focus.

Can you predict someone’s behaviour by listening to the words that they say, in a certain context? 

Yes, you can!

And you can influence the person by addressing their most inner focus.

Sounds interesting?

Well, it is possible. How does it happen?

✅ Well, read on. ✅

Something is happening, in your life.

👉 You watch a movie.
👉 You go shopping.
👉 You play with your kids.
👉 You have dinner with your partner.
👉 You have a presentation.
👉 You talk to your staff.

You are happy, and take in the experience through your own senses.

❌ But even so the two of you are together in the same event - you and the other party experience the same thing - you look at it differently (and might end up in an argument). ❌


✅ Well, while you might be in the same situation, but HOW someone perceives an event is different, from person to person.

This is because we all filter out the incoming information differently.

Can I give you some examples……

👉 Someone might focus on describing something with lots of detail, while others only give you one-word responses.

👉 Some might focus on what went wrong, while others focus on what went right

👉 Some might share the experience with others, while others, well, they don’t quite share anything with the rest of the world

👉 Some are all over the place when they describe something, while others describe the situation nicely and in sequence.

👉 Some prefer to change all the time, while others resist and fight change with all their might

👉 Some always have a different opinion from yours, while others pretty much agree all the time

It is HOW we filter information and what we focus on.

And this is the part that forms a part of our attitude towards situations, events and even people.

And, of course, once you describe the event, you give away what you were focusing on.

This gives me the information that I need to know your most subconscious processes.

And when I know this, I can influence you at that level, without it being very obvious.

👉 This is, what influence is all about. 👈

And this is, what our participants learned over the past weekend, in the Language and Behaviour Profile Training for Coaching, “Words That Change Minds.”

It is a powerful programme, where you learn and experience the 14 filters that people have when they interact with the world.

And, as I like to say, at the end of the programme, you can understand other people better than their spouses can and to whom they are married for the past 15-20 years.

Interesting, isn’t it?

Feel free to reach out to me in case of questions or inquiries.

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