Attract Success Into Your Life

Reprogramme Your Mind To Get The Most Out From Your Life.

Simple Steps To Attracting Success Into Your Life

Take Charge Of Your Mind And Your Life

  • Did you hit the glass ceiling in your LIFE? 
  • Are you stressed out over an uncertain future? 
  • Do you feel a little voice inside of you telling you that you are not good enough? 
  • Do you yearn for success? 
  • Do you believe you deserve better? 

Are you struggling to 'Get Unstuck And Create Your Life?

I Was Frustrated And Didn't Know What to Do
And I felt so stuck!   But I learned to design my life the way I deserve it.  
And I want to share a few little tricks with you.

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Because I believe that everyone deserves to attract success, wealth, and happiness into your life.  Imagine, how your life would be if you could attract success?  

The Principles Of Success
 In this course, you learn and get to experience the few principles that helped me and many of my clients to not only get their life in order but to actively create it in the way you want to experience it. 

NLP - The User Manual For The Brain
It is based on NLP, which can be defined the Art and Science of Success. And be aware of the following. Even so, the course is free, please don't treat it like it is free. 

Commit Yo Take Action 
Pretend, that you spend your hard-earned money to be on this course. Why do I say that? Because many will access this course, and never do anything about it. I don't want you to be like that. 

Be The One Who Succeeds
Grab this course now if want you to succeed. Decide to be the one who can succeed. The choice is yours, but decide that you deserve success.

You Might Be Just One Click Away From Attracting Success

Course Curriculum

Andreas Dorn

I teach individuals to break through limiting beliefs, release negative emotions and learn to manage their minds to create their life the way they desire and deserve.

The methodologies I use are NLP, Hypnosis, Timeline Therapyยฎ Techniques, and the Language and Behaviour Profile "Words That Change Minds".  

I am a Certified Trainer and Master Trainer of these tools.

Since I started to learn these tools in 2003, I had over 9,000 hours of additional training.  

Most importantly, it is important to me that people learn these tools to be able to make the changes at their subconscious level and to be able to create their life the way they deserve and deserve.  

Everyone can learn to change beliefs, behaviours, and make their dreams a reality!

You And Your Subconscious Mind

Everything you do starts with a thought in your mind, and this is often programmed inside of us, when we were young. Most people don't believe that they can make changes inside their mind. However, NLP and Hypnosis are tools of the mind developed to reprogramme your mind to get you your life the way you deserve it.


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What Do You Get

  • 12 Videos
  • Access To Facebook Group

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Aside from an internet connection, and reasonable speed, you don't need to bring along anything but curiosity and the willingness to learn.

No. We guide you into the science of the mind and NLP and you gain a deep understanding of yourself and others while watching the videos and participating in the exercises.

You can download PDF resources and other material in the course.  You can not download the actual video modules for the simple reason that the course has been developed to give you the greatest experience, when you watch it online. And we actually want to come back and re-access your course, over and over again. Because, firstly, we add in more material. And, more importantly, you can always learn more, the more often you watch the videos. 

Many factors determine success! We do our best in the offline course and even here, to help. you achieve breakthroughs. But I am not in the position to promise you success. I do know that this course has been put together with the intention to make it easier for you to get closer to your goals. And over 90% of our students that took the offline course reached their goals. You might just do the same, online.

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This is not possible. There is a separate payment for the physical class. Please contact us for details and special conditions.